Continuing the Conversation: Picture Pundit

by Aaron on August 2, 2010

As mentioned in my last post on this site, I have a new site. The Picture Pundit is now online and contains its first few articles.

Head over to Picture Pundit and get photography news, articles, and commentary that should make photographers think a bit.


A Change in the Social Photo Atmosphere

by Aaron on July 7, 2010

It’s been a fun 13 months of publishing Social Photo Talk. A year ago, a lot of photographers were still figuring out social media, trying to decide if Twitter was just a waste of time and whether or not Facebook was for anyone other than college kids.

Since then, I think that most of the photographers who are online have embraced social media in some form. In short… you guys get it. The attitudes around social media for photographers have changed quite a bit in the past year. Sure there are still some luddites, but if they aren’t on board at this point, they aren’t on board.

Partially due to the changing photo landscape and partially due to some other factors, I will no longer be publishing new content on Social Photo Talk. The site will remain online indefinitely, but you won’t see new articles about social media use or related industry news.

I’ve got something entirely new in store that will be of interest to photographers, and I’ll make one last post here when that launches in the next week or two.

Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, retweeted, or otherwise contributed to the discussions over the past 13 months. I’ve made some great connections and some new friends, and that’s going to last far beyond this website.


New Media for Good – It’s the 30 Hour Day

Tweet Social Photo Talk is pleased to be a sponsor for this weekend’s 30 Hour Day, an encore to last December’s first-of-its-kind charity webcast. Hosts Cami Kaos and Rick Turoczy tie together 30 continuous hours of programming being broadcast live from Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square (during the day and evenings) and a secret undisclosed overnight […]

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Top 10 Camera & Photo Bestsellers – June 2010

Tweet Photographers are often a gear-obsessed bunch, and we occasionally talk about gear and products here, so I thought it might be interested to take a look at the best-selling items in’s Camera & Photo category as we reach the end of June 2010: What’s interesting to me is that there are a couple […]

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Pro Photographers Won’t Use In-Camera HDR

Tweet Over the last couple of years, HDR (high dynamic range) photography has become more prevalent. Some photographers take it to the extreme and create pieces that are less photograph and more computer-generated artwork, while others use the technique in moderation and attempt to more accurately portray the colors, lights, and shadows as seen by […]

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iPad: The Missing Manual – Book Review

Tweet After having used an iPad for a couple months, I can say that most things on the device are fairly intuitive, but there are a lot of things to learn. I was given a copy of iPad: The Missing Manual for review and I’m happy to say that for someone who wants a comprehensive […]

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Flickr Unveils New Photo Page Interface. I Swear I Didn’t Know, Really.

Tweet I swear that when I tweeted this morning: Flickr is starting to look *really* dated.less than a minute ago via TweetDeckAaron Hockleyahockley I had no knowledge that only a couple hours later, Flickr would unveil a newer interface. Flickr has been enhanced with several updates to photo pages. Similar Look; Several Enhancements The overall […]

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Better Portraits Because of Social Media

Thumbnail image for Better Portraits Because of Social Media

Tweet For portraits, headshots, and other forms of “people” photography, one of the keys to great images is to get the subject relaxed.  Folks generally don’t look great when they are uptight and nervous, so whenever I’m working with a client I try to get the individual to relax a bit as I gray to […]

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Flickr Enables Anyone to Make Commercial Sales… Sorta

Tweet Late last week, Flickr rolled out a change that widens the reach of it’s collaboration with Getty Images and allows anyone on Flickr to offer their photos for sale via the Getty program. Previously, the Flickr+Getty partnership was essentially invitation-only, where selected photographers would be invited to have selected photos represented by Getty. Now, […]

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WordPress 3.0 is Released: New Menus, Theme Options, Better Help

Tweet WordPress 3.0 is the newest release of my favorite blogging software. The new release includes an all-new easy-to-use menu system, more options for theme customization, a lighter admin interface with more contextual help, and more. You can download it directly or upgrade your existing install. I’m sure I’ll write more in depth about specific […]

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